SEO / Mapping

This is probably the most important site aspect of site maintenance. Here is where the difference between success and failure happens the majority of the time. If your customers can’t find your site because it’s not mapped or too far down on the search engine list, you’ll be missed. At Wendy’s Web Works, we have learned that it is better to spend a little extra time on mapping and get noticed then have an elaborate site and not get visited at all.

We can map any site even if we didn’t design or host it!!!! We will also help you adjust your description and keywords to get the maximum benefit from the mapping process. We will list your site with approximately 40 search engines for a modest price. The search engines we map to are good FREE ones that Yahoo, Google, MSN and Excite all retrieve their data from. It can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks before you actually get registered with their databases, but is a low cost alternative to expensive pay-per-click links and paid advertisements. And these days, Organic results far outweigh the paid ones as far as SEO is concerned.

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